Week Eight day 28 - Friday 23rd August

Posted on: 23 Aug 2013

Jog 25mins

After 3 days rest one would think I'd be rearing to go, unfortunately not.  Crawled around the park at a lazy pace, although I felt I was going for it.  Turned out to be 6.6km/ph pace which is quite good for me.

Went round on the extended circuit but no longer count (I was becoming too obsessed).  The weather was horrid, thought 6.15am would be nice and cool but it was really humid, rather foolishly wore my long trousers, I was drenched through after 5 mins!

Only one dog-walker in the park today and one chap drinking on a bench (6.30am) !!  (perhaps he's a night worker?)

Think I'll try to get an early night tonight.  Want to be bright and fresh for the parkrun tomorrow. 

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