7 days to go... Gel panic buying and Dove Gentle Glow...

Posted on: 17 Apr 2016

Doesnt seem more than 5 minutes since i was typing last year, that there was 7 days remaining before I line up with the other 30+k people in Greenwich, all smelling of our preferred version of lubricant, sporting gels a plenty (unless, like a friend of mine last year, you throw your gel belt on the bag truck - fail) and feeling that mix of nerves, excitement, fear and exhiliration as the gun goes off.

I havent brought my gels for race day yet. I have however, been testing out various fake tan options so at least i wont look albino on my photos. Life is all about prioritising.


Id like to say that in this last year, id transformed into a non drinking super running machine, capable of keeping up with the Kenyans and crossing the line next week within 2:30 and not 4:30. Alas, i am still the girl that lives life on a balance of a yoga class or running for an hour, should be counter balanced with a glass of red and some time with my mates in the pub. 


The familiar feelings creeping in at the moment - not trained enough - which this year is totally true, what with moving house, new love, and a whole new life to start, my time has been spread thin and some weeks ive not laced up at all. "Not good enough to even run a marathon." "What am i thinking." "What am i doing." "I must be mental." "Perhaps ill be one of those runners who has a cardiac arrest on the way around the course." Etc Etc. Etc.

I have also noticed during my runs this week (of which there have been few, however ive had a glorious walking weekend in the Lakes which must definitely count as training too??) that I have started the whole visualisation process. Thinking about the race day feelings, the spectators, the cheers, the smells and the aches/pains/tears when I just dont want to run anymore. I visualise crossing the line, and I get choked up everytime i think about it.

I am part of such a small percentage of the human race that has, and will ever run a marathon.

Time is short, yet on marathon day we want it to race by so quickly that we cant remember it.

We forgot to take it all in as we run down that road that seems to be in the middle of no where and all of a sudden, we are on Tower Bridge.

We are too tired to notice that as we trot on down the embankment, we are approaching some of the most famous buildings in our country!

We are so relieved to see the finish line that it slips our mind that we are using the Queens driveway and wishing that .2 of a mile wasnt such a damn long way.

So thats why im glad im not a race runner. Im a runner who makes memories, who doesnt mind what the time is as long as im having a good time. And that will always be good enough for me.

Good luck everyone. Remember every second. 

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