Never gonna give you up

Posted on: 21 May 2015

My name is Nick, I think I may have an addiction… To running that is, nothing untoward, honest!  The fact is it’s been nearly a month since the London Marathon and, to coin a phrase, it’s time to get back on the horse. 


Not that I’ve been totally idle since the 26th – I did two recovery runs the week after London (a 5k followed by a 10k), which actually felt really good.  No major aches and pains, I was surprised just how quick my recovery was to be honest, especially my feet which had given me a fair bit of grief during training.


But then with work and home life getting particularly busy I took two weeks off.  After nearly eight months of disciplined training, four times a week, every week, this felt incredibly strange.  Talk about itchy feet!


During that time I’ve been pondering what to do next.  It’s pretty clear that I need something to aim for – an event date in the diary that will ensure I keep up at least some degree of consistent running. 


An obvious one is the Birmingham half marathon in October.  I’ve ran it for three years on the bounce and it’s a cracking event.  Summer training too, which is usually enjoyable and much easier to fit in with the longer days. 


But is that enough?  Having hit marathon distance the big question is: whether or not to do another one.  After all, I have a time to beat now!  Hands up, I did enter the London ballot for 2016.  I wasn’t sure about it, but the experience was so wonderful the lure of getting involved again proved too great.


Given the extended entry window I have absolutely zero expectation of getting in.  I’ve ruled out a charity run – it’s too soon to be calling on the same people again to lend support.  But you know what, I’m cool with that.  I had my heart firmly set on running in 2015 and was fortunate enough to do it.  Anything else from now on is a bonus.


What about other marathons then?  A friend suggested Chester and with an October date that would mean starting a 16 week programme in mid-June.  It’s tempting… I’ll have a significant head start in terms of my fitness level.  Has anyone run this event before?  Any thoughts or recommendations?


To get me in the mood I made the most of an early finish at work yesterday and did a gentle eight miles in glorious sunshine.  It was supposed to be six-ish, but I missed a shortcut and ended up going the long way round Chasewater Country Park.  No matter, I was feeling comfortable and thoroughly enjoying myself, so why grumble over a few extra yards!  Enjoy the luxury of running how far you want, when you want while it lasts, right?


So the immediate plan is to stick to regular runs – two or three times a week – and then make a decision about marathon number two.  I am warming to the idea.  It will be a much more low-key affair than London with all its bells, whistles and attention.  But that’s part of the appeal.  I can just quietly do my thing, train hard and hopefully do well.


Let’s see!


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