Running can be Fun??

Posted on: 21 Jan 2007

Hi everyone,

    Well they say running can be fun, but I bet they hadn't just been caught in a hail storm.

    After looking outside to see the sun breaking through I decided to bring my run forward a couple of hours to make the most of the improved weather. I had got about 1 mile into the run when from nowhere, hail the size of golfballs descended on me whipping my legs and face.

     The best thing about it though is you suddenly find you can run about 30 seconds a mile quicker than normal. I usually take 48mins to run 6 miles but posted just under 44mins this time.

    A couple of days later I ran apprx 12.5 miles and feel that I am now getting back to the fitness that saw me complete the New York marathon, and am glad to say I actually felt quite fresh afterwards.

   I still haven't joined a running club yet but will go along on the 30th.

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