Two sleeps to go!

Posted on: 24 Apr 2015

And that's a wrap. Eight months of preparation came to an end today as I completed my last training run for London, although to be fair it was more of a gentle three mile trot than anything close to full tilt.


More effort has gone into my kitchen technique than my running this week, with an effort to plan my meals and snacks and cook a good chunk of them totally from scratch. I enjoy baking so have adopted the mantra “cake is carbs” as I much on a yet another piece of banana and walnut loaf!


I don't know if it will make much of a difference in the end, but I do know when I was out on Thursday morning my body could barely keep up with my legs! I was bursting with energy to the point where I clocked my first sub-7 minute mile. It might be all in my head, but it's left me feeling good for Sunday and that's what counts.


I did the Expo on Thursday, taking a day off work and travelling down with a couple of colleagues who are also running London. I didn't fancy battling the crowds on Saturday and now I can just concentrate on checking into my hotel, getting some food (not more carbs!?!) and trying at least to get a decent night's sleep.


No doubt like many of you I've been looking at the weather forecast – doesn't look great, eh? Then again I suspect cloudy and drizzly won't be as taxing as hot and sunny. But I did have this romantic idea in my head of seeing all the London sights against a blue sky and bathed in sunshine... Ah well, we can't control it and what will be will be.


I'm very lucky to have family coming down on Sunday to cheer me on. We've tried to agree a few vantage points, but I appreciate actually seeing each other is going to be tricky. Still, knowing they will be at the finish is a great feeling as is the prospect of celebrating together afterwards.


So that's it, I'm as ready as I'll ever be for my first marathon and now would probably be a good time to switch the laptop off and start packing my bag! Thanks Buzzers for all your words of encouragement along the way. Hopefully I'll get to meet a few of you and to those who are running, hope you have a blast.


I look forward to writing next week's race report, although quite how I'll manage to capture the drama, emotion and excitement of it all is, for now at least, a bit beyond me.


For the record, here are those “vital statistics” that cover off my long road to London. I did enjoy training for the most part, and the three prep-races I did (well, not the Stafford 20 – but we don't talk about that one!). It's been amazing to look at the figures and see my progress, the challenge is to keep it up post-London!


Cheers all, Nick.


131 runs

802 miles

112 hours, 40 minutes on the road

7.1 mph average pace

Average run distance of 6.10 miles

Longest run, 21.27 miles

Two pairs of trainers trashed!


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