Nearly overcooking it

Posted on: 27 May 2012

This week's training was a repeat of last week and the last hard week of training before I taper with only 10 days now until the first Yateley 10K race. However, the total mileage was about the only similarity with temperatures up 17C from the previous week.

I did all my running first thing in the morning to avoid the heat but even at 9am the temperature was nudging 20C. Tuesday's 2 mile recovery run was fine but Thursday's 6 mile tempo run was really tough, though partly of my own making. For some reason I've got into the habit of pushing the pace on my last tempo run before I taper - it's a sort of test to see how I might go in the race itself - and I rather foolishly went for it on this run. I ran a time of 58:57 with splits of 10:24, 9:35, 9:33, 9:32, 9:34, and 10:18 but I can tell you there wasn't much left in the tank at the end. I'm pleased to have got through it but I suffered a bit for the next couple of days with a particularly sore right hip. It was a bit silly really and I hope I've learned my lesson. It's very easy to overdo it when you're training is going well and I fell into that trap and very nearly paid the penalty.

Today, I was out early again for a 7 mile LSR which I completed in 1:15:11, 10:44 /mile. I was really sluggish at the start still feeling the effects of Thursday's run and I wilted in the heat somewhat. I'm really hoping for some lower temperatures to race in.

Still, the hard work has been done and I'll ease off the mileage and pace next week with a 2 mile recovery run, a slower-than normal 5 mile tempo run, and a 3 mile jog next Sunday. I've run 112 miles in the last two months which I've only ever achieved once before. My aim now is to get to the start line without injury - oh yes - and then the aim is to get to the finish line without injury for the first time in 4 races. Sounds easy if you say it quickly!

Enjoy your running!

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