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Posted on: 11 Sep 2011

It had been a good week. OK, I did get completely and utterly soaked on Tuesday but the 2 mile run was a good one and I followed it up on Wednesday with an enjoyable  3-miler. But today it was a case of another run ... another calf strain. I was just past the two mile mark on a 5 mile LSR when I felt the left calf tighten. I ran on for a couple of hundred yards hoping it was just a spasm or perhaps even a touch of cramp although I knew deep down it wasn't. Soon I made the sensible decision to call a halt to the run and walk disconsolately home.

It is just a strain - had I continued to run on it as I normally and stupidly do in a race I'm sure it would have torn so at least I'm learning. It's the same calf that I pulled at Yateley and once again I may have just done too much too soon after coming back from injury - even though I thought I'd allowed extra recovery time. Or it could be that my digging of a new vegetable patch yesterday tired the leg. Either way, it's immensely frustrating.

So I've made a couple of decisions.

For whatever reason, and it may just be bad luck (although I believe you make your own luck), I've become injury prone. So I'm going to do two things this winter:

1. commit to an exercise routine to strengthen not just the calves but the rest of the leg muscles and the core itself.

2. build my mileage up very, very slowly. Short, slow runs, gradually adding distance, but in very small increments. Absolutely no tempo runs and no speedwork.

I feel I'm in the last chance saloon with regards my running. It's time to give it my best shot and if I still end up picking up injuries then it's probably time to move on. I haven't given up on running a marathon one day but I do have to be realistic.

The second decision is that this will be my last post. A steady supply of 2 and 3 mile runs with some exercises thrown in does not an interesting and entertaining blog make. I've "met" some wonderful people on realbuzz who've given me great support and encouragement as well as writing many entertaining and insightful blogs with some wonderful anecdotes. Thank you all and I wish you all the best in the future.

Enjoy your running!


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