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Posted on: 12 Jun 2011

First up apologies for the lack of comments on your posts ... it seems that the recent refresh of the realbuzz site (of which I'm not a fan) has resulted in no email notifications being sent to me ... I thought it was quiet! So please bear with me while I sort that out.

This last week was a consolidation week, with the same runs and same total mileage as last week. I did feel a bit sluggish on Tuesday for my 2 mile recovery run and thought I was still tired on Thursday for a repeat of my 5 mile tempo run ... but then put in a great session with the 3 race pace miles run at 9:31, 9:30, and 9:20 against a target of 9:50 as I completed the run in just over 50 minutes. Good heart rates too!

Today I did a fair impression of a drowned rat. I don't have much choice when I run on Sunday due to the house logisitics of mother-in-law sitting. So off I ventured into the pouring rain at 8:30am for a 6 mile LSR. Last week I ran increasingly quicker miles but this week I wanted to run a consistent pace, allowing for the one hill, with the aim of running around the same overall time. It really was tipping it down which I don't really mind except that my glasses could do with a pair of wipers. I was really pleased with my pace with miles of 11:05, 10:43, 10:49, 10:40, 10:43, 10:42 for an overall time of 1:04:42. I squelched home just in time to meet my 10:00am curfew very pleased with my week's efforts.

Next week I add a mile to Sunday's long run and the following week add a mile to Thursday's tempo run. I'm now running similar times in training to 2 years ago when I first ran a 10K, albeit with less mileage, and managed 54 minutes in that first race so I'm quietly confident of getting under 60 minutes at the Yateley 10K race 2 which is 3 weeks next Wednesday.

Finally, I don't know if any of you are fellow tweeters but I've started tweeting (MichaelHughesUK if you'd like to follow me) about my running (it's fairly mundane stuff at the moment but it will get more interesting I promise!) and there are other tweeters out there such as Jeff Galloway and Running Quotes.

Enjoy your running!

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