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Posted on: 15 May 2011

I've continued my mileage build up with runs of 2, 2.5, and 3 miles this week. Tuesday was an "easy" 2 miles but in all honesty it was a bit of a struggle. Thursday saw me doing a tempo run - I say tempo run but it was only half a mile at "race" pace sandwiched in between 1 mile warm-up and 1 mile cool-down. The reason for this is my first scheduled tempo run kicks in when I reach 5 miles in distance with 1 mile warm-up and cool-down and three miles at tempo pace and I always find this step up a bit of a challenge so I'm trying to build up to it gradually this time. Race pace for me at this stage is 9:40 minute per mile; that bit wasn't a problem but the legs were definitely tired for the last half mile.

Today was a similar story - a 3 mile LSR, target pace 11:30. I ran it sensibly with 11:20 for the first mile, 11:05 for the second, and I felt OK. The last mile was 11:20 and as on Thursday the legs were feeling it for the last half mile. Still, that completes 4 weeks training for me with mileage of 5, 5.5, 6.5, and 7.5 miles, and I'm very pleased with that. I was very, very tired after running today - I had a post-lunch 1 hour nap which is unusual for me. I've had a long hot soak in the bath this evening and the legs feel much better. I'm scheduled to up the mileage to 9 miles this week with runs of 2, 3, and 4 miles. But depending on how I feel, I may just ease off for a week, and maybe have three easy 2 milers.

I have to admit that doubts have started to creep in about whether I'll be able to get back to where I was in terms of distance and pace. I know it's early days but I'm impatient! It seems hard work at the moment - I suppose I shouldn't be surprised given the time out that I've had. And I am enjoying my running, just wishing it was a little easier.

There's good news on the weight front - I've lost 4lbs in the last month or so and I'm on target to reach my first goal of 12st. My aim is to then target 11st 7lb +- 3 lb - that's pretty much bang in the centre of the "ideal" weight for my size/height/etc and was my weight in 2009 when I was at my best running-wise.

Thursday also saw me at Fleet Hospital to see the consultant about the respiratory problem I had over the winter. I was expecting a 20-min appointment but ended up spending nearly 2 hours there with lots and lots and lots of tests - with one big surprise. At some point I've broken a couple of ribs! It's not clear yet whether this has anything to do with the problem but it was certainly news to me. There are more tests to follow including a treadmill test which is quite ironic as I'm probably one of the few runners who's never actual used a treadmill!

Enjoy your running!

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