When is a calf not a calf?

Posted on: 14 Aug 2011

10 days on from the calf injury I suffered at the Yateley 10K and I'm now a lot wiser about the muscles in the lower leg ... and I don't think I suffered a calf injury in the traditional sense at all.

The problems I've previously had with my right leg were all injuries to the Gastrocnemius and Soleus muscles - these are the big fat muscles at the back of the leg below the knee - what most people would refer to as the calf muscle. The strains I've suffered this time are lower and to the outer side and are almost certainly to the Fibularis Peroneus Longus and Fibularis Peroneus Brevis muscles.

There was quite a bit of bruising and swelling initially, especially to the outside of the leg, but after the usual rest, ice, compression, elevation, I could walk on it reasonably well after 2-3 days and I can now walk on it pretty much as normal. I've learnt the hard way that the key at this stage is to stay patient and allow some extra time for the injury to fully heal before trying any exercise so I won't be doing anything for at least another week. But I'm now hopeful of returning to running sooner than I'd initally thought - possibly in in another 2-3 weeks which would be very pleasing.

My next goal remains the same - run a 10K in under 60 minutes ... and complete the race without injury! I'd originally had my eye on the Fleet 10K towards the end of October and if I can get back running in 2-3 weeks and haven't lost too much fitness that may still be a possibility. One thing's for sure, though - whatever my next race is, I plan to run it well within myself.

In the meantime, a nervous week lies ahead for the family as we await my son's A-Level results.

Enjoy your running!

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