"Here I go again on my own"

Posted on: 02 Apr 2010

I set off fairly early for a Bank Holiday, hoping to miss the rain and get the run out of the way so I can pack for my holiday to France.

Everything went well for 5miles, I even saw some sun and nearly got chased by a horse, but all was good.  However, the rain started, only lighlty and the wind picked up and by the time I got down to the sea it was gale force! Heading straight into the wind, nose streaming I did think "I am now a real runner!".  Amazingly I was not alone and I shared a few smiles and laughs with fellow runners and a few cyclists.  I turned and began the loop home and thankfully the wind was in the right direction, for 5mins! The Isle of Wight completely disappeared from view and the sea turned brown and was extremely choppy!  I plodded on and the rain hammered down, helpfully motorists splashed me aswell so I looked like a drowned rat, well one wearing a pink top!!

I had no walking breaks this time and even managed a hill that had beaten me on my 17miler! I laughed as I ran past a cyclist who was pushing his bike up the hill!  The 3 gels really helped as did mixing up my playlist and putting it into alphabetical order; kept me guessing what was coming next.

Job done, off to pack for France and to begin "tapering",whatever that really means!

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