20 miles, never thought I would do that!

Posted on: 31 Mar 2010

Did my first 20miler on Saturday, even now typing that or saying it out loud seems surreal! I was lucky with the weather and despite having spent the netire day before on my feet at the Ideal Home Show, set off nice and early.

I found that breaking the run into manageable 5 mile chunks really helped and I maintained a reasonable pace for the first 15miles.  Then, in a moment of madness, I changed my route and decided to run up from the Hamble River towards Hedge End, this is a huge hill! What goes up must come down and then up again, so a combination of too many hills and taking a gel onboard made for indigestion! I had to take a short walk break, which I am still gutted abut even now, but it helped.  I finished in 3hrs 21mins inc the "walk", so not bad really. I even caught the sun, I have an armband mark from my ipod, nice! I was amazed at how much "salt" I seemed to have on me too! Nice!!

But I am going to do it all again on Friday, as much for confidence as anything and hopefully will not need to walk!

Having said all that,  I am loving training, loving reading about running and looking at so many facts and figures about running my mind is boggling.  I am excited about it now, especially since it is not a dream and Ido have the magazine to prove it!

Good Luck everyone who is doing London, think this is our last long run appraoching!

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