I run,

Posted on: 31 Mar 2010

I run


I run in the winter

when icicles dangle, frozen waterfalls on the trees.


I run on terracotta sand

high on a cliff above turquoise water

so inviting I want to jump in.


I run past an assortment of dogs

attached to their owners and tennis balls and sticks.


I run over bridges

which carry me over streams of cars

heading north, heading south.


I run over and under trains

carriages full of people staring out.


I run across the estuary

boats heading out to the island,

people laughing, drinks in hand.


I run and notice

the smell of the earth, the rain

the freshly cut grass, the sea.


I run,

for me.


Nikki Yeo

(Dont call me a fun runner, ever!)


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