It's getting serious now...

Posted on: 05 Feb 2015

This is getting serious now.

I have creaky knees, throbbing calves and am still recovering from a deep tissue massage (paid torture) I had the other day. I can't believe it cost me £50 to have someone rub there knuckles and elbows deeply and painfully underneath my shoulder blades. Hearing my muscles pop as a result is not something I'll forget in a hurry. Regrettably.
In fairness I do feel a lot less tense now. She said I was one of the most tense people she'd ever had to massage. I can't decide whether that's because I was fearing for my life in that massage parlour or (most likely) my lack of previous massages in the past when I've run the half marathons. Lesson learnt.
She told me with a proud smile, "if you can handle this I reckon you could handle a sports massage" she said whilst what looked like her trying to pull my head literally away from my shoulders. Oh my god - you mean there are massages more bloody painful than this. Wow. I thought they were meant to be relaxing. 
I have been doing a lot of road running lately and the impact on my knees is starting to make me look like a geriatric every time I rise from my seat on the train or in a meeting at work. I certainly look like I'm training hard - that might increase my sponsorship!
Decided to alternate on the treadmill yesterday. God it can get boring running for 80 minutes without stopping. Two lots of keen gym goers came and went during that time. Definitely felt the improvement on my knees though. 
I'll tell you what though, friends are starting to get pretty damn impressed with my discipline around training. Albeit very hungover after a heavy Saturday night I managed an 8 mile run! My friends have joked about the potential success rate of raising more sponsorship money getting people to sponsor me to stop consuming alcohol at the weekends. Jesters. 
I'm having to think about my diet more now though. How much fun can I have in recipes with protein? 
I'm starting to feel like an athlete. 
... A bright pink one at that. Whilst running off this excess baggage (particularly around my waistline) I thought I could look to tone up my arms at the same time. Even if it does completely ruin my street cred...

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