You're Still A Runner, just on runner on holiday

Posted on: 11 Aug 2014

As my two week annual leave break begins officially starts today, I thought I would share my thoughts on running on holiday. 
We all like to indulge in some of the finer things in life, especially when we're on holiday. Holidays can make fitting in some fitness a bit difficult as having a couple of weeks of eating and drinking more than what we would, usually have followed by little or no exercise can hurt the waist and our bodies quicker than we think. we  have to admit a time, when you've skiped 1 or 2 weeks of running/ any form of excerise and when you finally get yourself back on the road you often feel like your starting at square one.
Packing your running shoes means that you have no excuse for missing your 30 minute run each morning, which can also make you feel less guilty about what you might consume later in the day. I can still remember the amazing view I saw on warm summer morning run at Kenya's Bamburi Beach. It has just turned 7 am and I was determined to catch up with some other fellow runners on beach. 
Arriving in a new place can be daunting and going for a run around town will help you get a feel for the place. And possibly give you an idea of what to do next there. The run will often show you, what activities are available, whether it's the closest beach is, local shops or restaurants, and more importantly, where you can stay active. 
I'm a very active person, and some of my favourite memories on holiday usually involve going out and about. Whether it's going to a local leisure centre, fishing, or going to a beach / park. Don't get me wrong, my aim on holiday is to always relax, and my perfect idea of a holiday is laying by the beach / pool, and reading my favourite book or something along that line, but doing things that keep us active is also a ton of fun too.
Finally, this is probably the most important reason. Running three to five times a week, is great and all but it's important that we let our body recover. And the runs we do on holiday are so important because it's a different kind of running so that when we get back into our routine, it makes it that much easier. 
By adding in running here and there on holiday, will remind your body of what it's supposed to do, what it's conditioned to do, and when you're back home you'll be able to jump right back in. 
Enjoy your holiday!
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