26.2 reasons to run

Posted on: 25 Aug 2014

Since starting my degree last September [2013], the notion of reflection, would come up regularly, and role of reflection is becoming more common in work places as we become more aware of the benefits it has, on ourselves, the team and them. Reflecting on the big and small things, that happen to be, both at work, personally or even at uni, would often help me relax and thing about it from another point of view.

I would often find myself reflecting on everything, whether it's about a run, to something that annoyed me at work. It strangely relaxes me and enable me to think more clearly and deeply.

As the new academic year approaches, I thought it would the perfect time to look back and reflect on what I’ve learnt about running and myself. And I thought I'd share my list.

1.   Running is hard.

2.   I (still) don’t LOVE running, but I DO love working towards a goal and running races!

3.   I love getting medals, so that's a good reason to keep going.

4.   Running on the treadmill is boring (and often distracting).

5.   Running keeps me sane, well as sane as I can be (with my busy life). 

6.   Those expensive fancy running socks actually work. 

7.   Not everyone understands running. 

8.   Doing “weird” or “gross” things suddenly becomes acceptable on runs. 

9.   Energy Gels, taste foul. 

10.                I’m my own competition (in every way possible).

11.                Race signs are amazing. Some of them are really funny too! 

12.                Long runs are easier than I thought they would be, especially in the woods. 

13.                I hate running hills in training, but love them in races.

14.                The run was much longer than I thought it would be. (according to my running app, I ran 30 miles in the London marathon).

15. After trying both ways, I prefer to run with music. (Great for speed work).

16. I've decided it’s a myth that all you need to run is a pair of trainers to run. (Most times you need an iPhone holder, headphones, running socks, and runners belt... you get my point).

17. I can steer myself to anywhere I choose.

18. I am more positive, I have a can-do attitude.

19. You can never have too many workout clothes. (starting to wear them a bit more... okay you got me, a lot more).

20. Sometimes, I can be my biggest fan, (or my only one... depending).

21. Wearing the right pair of shoes is more important in running than any other thing I do (and also the most expensive shoes I own).

22. Finishing is more important than pace/time.

23. I get naturally stronger after each race.

24. The look on people’s faces when you tell them you ran a marathon is awesome, (it was worth it and so am I).

25. I am starting to take compliments better, (I was never a "big" person, but I have to admit, it is nice to get the compliment "man you got fit" from someone from your past).

26. The person that I was before marathon training is not the one that reached the finish line.

And the point 2: I would run another one in a heartbeat, this time with even more training!

How often do you reflect on your life? Do you reflect on how you feel about yourself regularly or when something big happens? how do you reflect? Do you write it down or just over think it in your head? What is the best thing you've learnt about either yourself, the world or the world of running, since taking it up? I'd love to hear your thought, so if you do get a chance, why not leave a comment?



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