Resting today

Posted on: 06 Jun 2009

Don't think my body is used to sprinting and am therefore feeling a bit achy in different places.  Was out playing softball on Thursday evening, which was lots of fun, but not sure about the aches it seems to be creating... I must be getting old or something... Wink

Was chatting with Belinda (a fellow blogger) and seems I might have a mild case of ITB.  I did wonder what was going on with my knee.  That was my major concern regarding whether or not my body would allow me to do a marathon, but thanks to Belinda YAY to you! - I at least know that it is fixable and there are stretches I can be doing to alleviate it before it becomes worse. 

When I was searching for stretches I found some great videos on Youtube.

Thankfully I go to yoga once a week and I already do some of the recommended stretches, but I'm gonna build these into my regular routine now to get rid of the problem once and for all.

Went to Decathlon in search of a foam roller today, but to my surprise they don't stock it.  For those of you who know Decathlon, you'd have thought that if anyone had it, it would be them, but nope, they recommended Argos!  Decathlon is massive and I always get side tracked in there, fortunately today I managed to remain pretty focussed and didn't come out with a tent or bike as neither would have been a good replacement for a foam roller!

Am working out my fundraising plan (life seems to revolve around one plan or another) but am getting annoyed that Virgin is taking ages to get their sponsorship site sorted out.  When will it be ready?  Anyone? All it says is summer - is it not summer yet?  When's summer?

I want to do a few sweepstakes as colleagues seem to love them but need more ideas on what events to cover - can you recommend any popular sporting events ? I don't know much about football or rugby.  I'm working on TV shows at the moment.... Cool

Right will do an easy 5k tomorrow and then maybe a gentle swim...  Undecided

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