Into the new year

Posted on: 12 Jan 2015

The new year has kicked off, so where am I at? Well because of my pre-christmas training, I'm in a good position. General plans that you can pick up from the Virgin London Marathon site might have you on a 16 week plan, and typically now would be the lower end runs - 10 to 12 kms, or an hour of running. So far my longest run is 18.5km, and that was in harsh wind, so I'm ahead of the curve. But this time around, my plan isn't to start off with high end runs. I'll probably stay near the half marathon mark for a while, and then concentrate on lowering my bodyweight, and increasing the regularity of my runs. I'll still make the mark of the high 20 mile run by 4 weeks out, but this time I want it to be easier on my body. I was heavy last time, so in theory, if I keep my runs up but lower the weight (healthily) then I might just get faster and able to go for longer. So this months goal: Body fat percentage down. It helps I have a few competition runs queued up. Benfleet 15, Brighton/Brentwood/Colchester halfs. The decision I now face is whether to stick Manchester Full marathon in between Brighton and London Marathons...

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