Watch out, Mo!

Posted on: 03 Dec 2014

By Louise (October 7th) ... I probably need to point out at this stage that I am no Mo Farah!!!

I am a 42 year old, reasonably fit and healthy, regular female.  I eat chocolate on occasion, love steak and chips and am partial to a wine or two.

I have always been aware of fitness and healthy eating, its part of my job and something I strongly believe in.  A healthy body and mind is a powerful remedy for me to combat a variety of daily stresses.  I have had one sick day in four years which I am sure is due to the fitness regime I have.

I have always played sports but I started training in earnest 10 years ago when I left the UK, I needed a new focus apart from my career.

I moved to Indonesia and along with being a regular at the gym I started taking part in the 5K race series; this is a community event which welcomes all abilities and ages.  The focus is about getting out running and having a go, this was brilliant for me as a starting point.

I moved to Penang 2 years later and continued to train and my distances and stamina improved.

In 2008 Chris and I moved to Dubai and running together was an activity we enjoyed and in 2010 Chris took part in the Dubai Marathon 10k.

My running took off in a big way In October 2010.

“Running has been a therapy for me in coming to terms with the loss of my husband.  It initially provided me with normality at a time when all sense of normality had been lost.  It is an outlet for the mass onslaught of emotions that at times are so over whelming you do not know what to do with yourself.  For me the answer is to get my trainers on, go for a run or throw myself around a circuit.”

I organized a 10K run in November 2011 to raise money for the Chris Ajala Tribute Fund, this was my first “serious” event and I joined a running club as I really wasn’t sure what I should or should not be doing to train for an event.  I was a boot camp regular 4 times a week so I knew I was fit enough to get round but I had no idea about things such as pace.

I did OK and had another go in January 2012 and again I did OK.  I was now a regular on a Friday morning at 6am pounding the pavements of Dubai with the Creek Striders.

I decided to have a go at a half marathon in December 2012 and all was going well until 10 days before the event when I pulled my calf.  It meant I had to pull out but I had the running bug so had another go in 2013 and this time I was injury free.

In April 2014 Paul and I started discussing the idea of a double header in Dubai and the UK for 2015.  Paul and I applied for places with the CMA and here we are.  On finding out I had a place mixed emotions of pride, excitement and extreme fear set in – 42km is a LONG way!!!!!!!!

This clearly wasn’t scary enough and so the 555 challenge was born.  5 events over 5 months to raise 5000 GBP to mark 5 years of the Chris Ajala Tribute Fund.  The London Marathon is probably in the region of a 5 hour activity for me but I intend to give this and all the 5 events my best shot in 2015.

I think Mo Farah has no need to worry …… just yet!!!

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