Ready, Steady, Go!!

Posted on: 03 Dec 2014

By Louise (October 20th) ... I am using a training program in preparation for the half marathon in December.  This is a first for me and there are a multitude of options out there to choose from – trust me I have researched extensively. I have decided to use a plan that combines running, cross training and strength training. I figure the variety and the idea of overall training of the body will keep injuries at bay and keep the motivation alive.

I am also tracking my performance and am chunking the end goal into manageable achievable targets.  The idea of 21KM can be daunting but everyone has to start somewhere whether a new or seasoned runner.

I have taken a traffic light approach – well I am a teacher what else would you expect.  This allows me to see patterns that are occurring and prevent the psychological thought that if I have a poor training session it’s all over.  It’s one training session and this doesn’t negate what I achieved yesterday or will achieve tomorrow.  This is powerful for me as I am a perfectionist by nature, I am the worst for placing myself under pressure.

Training is coming along OK, the first 7 weeks are under my belt and have been a mixture of successes, but part of what running teaches me is perseverance, self-discipline and determination. I have this in abundance so bring on the challenge!!

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