Cocktails & Ice Creams

Posted on: 05 Dec 2014

By Paul (October 31st)... Long before the 555 challenge was conceived, our annual family vacation was already in the diary for the October half term break and it is fair to say it is not proving the most effective winter training break where running is concerned. Two weeks in an all inclusive Caribbean resort will break even the most dedicated fitness fanatic and inevitably, I was broken the moment I was presented with the Cocktail menu on day one

That’s the Dirty Banana you see before you so I am at least getting my daily allowance of potassium!

Beyond the drink temptations, they serve ice cream here to order … Pick your flavour, pick an indulgent filling (bits of snickers being my personal favourite), and they mash the two together on a frozen plate for you before returning to you to add your choice of sauce and toppings. Now who can resist that? Not me.

I did arrive with the best of intentions, running shoes packed, and pre flight orders to Sam to be my conscience and harangue me if I did not get out for some daily mileage. For the first few days, I lived the runners dream, with daily sunrise laps on the deserted beach, the breeze in my face, and the salt in my (lack of) hair. But I seemed to have missed the memo on a few of the downsides of seashore running:

  • Sand is not kind to the soft skin of suburban Man. Unless you have Zola Budd-esque leathered soles, you’re going to get sore and blistered toes
  • Sand is damn hard work. Your foot gives way just a little with each stride, sapping your energy quicker as you and your core work harder to keep balance
  • Some of the romance of running on the beach is lost when you revert to trainers to protect your feet as you are now careering down the tide line in a kamikaze zigzag, trying to avoid the incoming waves, whilst spending as little time as possible in the heaps of sea grass that has been washed to shore
  • Salty sweat streaming into your eyes stings … Period!

So I have decided to not fight the tide for the rest of the holiday and instead live it the  Caribbean way and ‘Take it easy, man’ … Time for another cocktail!

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