Homer’s Song of the (Sofa) Sirens

Posted on: 05 Dec 2014

By Paul (December 1st) ... One of the bonuses of running a marathon for a charity is the added support that they provide in helping you prepare and succeed in both the run and the fund raising effort. The Cardiomypathy Association for whom Louise and myself are running the 555 Challenge provide such fantastic support.

For the London 2015 team, we have our own facebook group which I have witnessed in previous years become a thriving community during the build-up as the runners share their progress, their questions and their apprehensions about the task that lays ahead, and their elation and pride once the 26 miles have been completed. The charity also provide the services of a team mentor and coach, Sarah Russell, who is the consultant editor of running fitness magazine, and is there to support us all the way with our training, nutrition, injuries etc etc.

Last weekend, Sarah put on a training day in London for the team. I unfortunately failed to make it. Despite my best intentions, waking up with a raging hangover in Travelodge Cardiff after a night out with Sam at a Bryan Adams concert was never going to be the ideal platform from which to get to London in running kit for a 10.30 start. Suffice to say, the hangover and the M4 triumphed, and when I finally dropped Sam off at home, Homer’s Song of the (Sofa) Sirens was far too enchanting to resist, as this selfie shows ;0)

I understand I missed out on a fantastic opportunity to meet the rest of the team and pick up some useful training advice such as this article by Sarah. Missing the training day did suddenly bring a few things into focus however.

London 2015 is now only 146 days away, which isn’t a long time when it comes to training for a marathon. More urgently though, the 555 challenge itself starts next Friday for Louise with her first event, the Dubai Creek Striders Half Marathon. I have a tiny bit of breathing space before I get going with my first event of the challenge, but the GUT BUSTER 2014, a 10 mile slog across the countryside of Mortimer on the 28th December whilst the Xmas turkey is still settling, is only a mere 4 weeks away.

So, whilst I have been ‘ticking over’ since we got back from our holidays, with a few 5 mile runs each week, it really is now time to ‘get serious’. It’s so easy to say, or even write that, whilst laying on the sofa (again!) on a Sunday night, beer in hand, loading chocolate into Imogen’s advent calendar, whilst snaffling a few leftovers for myself. Actually putting ‘get serious’ into practice from December 1st, and through the party season that lies ahead, is going to be an interesting challenge in itself!

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