Don’t Tell ‘Em About The Honey, Mummy!

Posted on: 08 Mar 2015

By Paul ... Both Louise and myself have now completed 3 of our 5 challenges, and whilst the London Marathon will inevitably be a great final mountain to climb, I’m confident we will both achieve it. The primary motivation of the 555 Challenge though is to raise much needed funds for the Cardiomyopathy Association and whilst we have made great progress towards our goal of each raising £5000 to commemorate 5 years since Louise’s husband Chris passed away from this heart muscle disease, we still have quite a way to go.

I am blessed with an incredibly generous circle of family, friends and colleagues willing to sponsor me. This is however my second London marathon and whilst running 26 miles can never be taken lightly, I am more than aware that the impact of asking ‘I am running a marathon, can you sponsor me?’ is somewhat diminished this time around, particularly when we all receive so many other equally worthy requests for support from other directions nowadays.

The associated fund raising effort of running a marathon can in fact be as big a physical, mental and time consuming challenge as the running itself. Whilst I have been pounding the pavement during the training of the last few months, a question that has been constantly spinning round my head is exactly what I would be prepared to do, and how far I would be prepared to go, to help raise more money for the charity. And one answer that keeps coming back to me is to experience running one of the challenges in fancy dress.

So, I have a proposal! If we can get enough donations on our Virgin Money Giving page in the next two weeks to get our running total, before gift aid, past the £5000 halfway point to our target, then I will run my 4th challenge, my hometown Reading Half Marathon on Sunday 22nd March, dressed as my namesake and my nickname since I was a lad … the Honey Monster!!


The outfit is ready, we just need your support to make it happen, so if you want to help the Cardiomyopathy Association and condemn me to a couple of hours or so of looking like a total plonker, whilst sweating and choking on yellow fur around the streets of Reading, please ‘Tell Us about Your Money, Mummy’ on our donation page now.

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