No podium, but there’s always the raffle!!

Posted on: 06 Dec 2014

By Louise ... So the good news is that the first challenge is completed and in a time of 2 hrs 15 mins and 3 seconds. A total of 6 minutes faster than last year. Yiiiiiiippppppeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The day started at 3.30am this morning with the alarm call which is always tough no matter how many times I have done this. Having made my way over the Creek, I set off with the 2hr 15 mins pacer/bus expertly driven by Elaine. The first 10KM was really good but in hindsight I think I went a little bit too fast as was ahead of Elaine and covered the first 10KM in 1 hour 1 minute, all was fine, but the niggles of being over 40 and aging hips and knees whilst thinking I am 21 raised its head between 15-17KM but nothing that a bit of stern talking to doesn’t fix.

The positive mental attitude I have been working on helped at this stage as my body was starting to complain that it really wasn’t meant for this crazy activity and there is a reason I own a car!!!!!!!!! At 17KM I was back on track with the thought of a fresh pineapple snack pit stop at 19KM and then it’s only 2KM home. The last 1KM is into the Creek Golf and Yacht club and it’s on an incline which is anyone’s book is just cruel but my stubborn streak kicked in and with the encouragement from fellow Striders Diane, Katherine and Co and my personal trainer I made it home to be given my medal by one of my Year 10 students. Thank you Danni.

As I said I am never going to be on the medal podium but there is always the raffle – dinner for 2 at the Ananatara Palm Jumeirah resort was awarded to me which I consider a great bonus to the whole event.

A huge thankyou to the Creek Striders for yet another great Half Marathon and to Elaine who as always is a great pacer. I clocked that Scottish accent chasing me at 11KM!!!!!!!!!


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