Raising Awareness of the CMA

Posted on: 22 Dec 2014

By Louise ... The 555 challenge has additional meaning for me and an important part of the challenge is to continue to raise awareness of the CMA and the great work that they do.  Chris was looked after by Dr William McKenna a Professor ofCardiology at University College London (UCL) and one of the world’s leading experts in inherited heart diseases such the cardiomyopathies and he is also president of the CMA.

An important part of Chris’s story is that despite having an inherited disease he continued to strive for his dream and to be the best he could be.  This message is very powerful and one that is important to share.

On Sunday 14 December (Yes we do work on a Sunday in the UAE!!) Jemma Carr (Year 13) and myself visited Jebel Ali Primary School to deliver an assembly about the CMA.  Information was handed out to parents and students and on Thursday 19 December a non uniform day was held in which all proceeds will be donated to the CMA. Thank you Jebel Ali for your support.

The idea of the assemblies was Jemma’s and she approached me a year ago to ask if she could take on the personal challenge to raise awareness and support of the CMA.  She is a pretty special young lady and having taught Jemma for 7 years I was both honoured and overwhelmed that she has chosen to do this.  She has spent time volunteering at the CMA to really gain an understanding of the great work the charity does and how the money raised is used.

Last June we held the first assembly at DESC and it proved to be a great success.  Jemma is continuing the great work with local schools in Dubai while I leave teaching to take up the 555 challenge.

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