One Run Day

Posted on: 08 Jun 2010

Nicky and I went out for a lunch time run aiming to do a little further than yesterday but to run it slower.  We had rain today which was very refreshing and set off uphill.

We didn't do the full mile up the hill but turned half way and ran across our normal route then down the undulating New Lane before heading back towards work. The mile mark came in around 9:40 so slower than yesterday but we were running well.

The run was good and Nicky seems to be getting over the marathon and back into her running. We finished in 33:03 for 3.64 miles so a good 9:05 average and quicker than yesterday which wasn't the plan!

I missed something out of last night's hilly run report - we were just setting off up one of the hills when we scared a cat that darted up the hill. Dominic was at the front and sprinted hard but couldn't beat the little grey cat which sprinted clear all the way up the hill!

Happy running!

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