A hot double day

Posted on: 11 Jul 2013

Another beautiful hot day in the north today and only a few out to run at lunch - strange how numbers drop more in hot weather than in cold weather!

Jemma, Jo M and I set off for a run at lunch with Jemma on a slightly shorter route of 3.6 miles while Jo and I were on the 4 mile route. We all ran together for around 2 miles wiht an 11 minute mile to start with a good half mile of climbing included. The second mile was faster as there was more downhill for around 10 minutes.

We then split on our different routes and Jo and I pushed on as I began to increase our pace as I knew Jo had run around 38 minutes for this route yesterday. We reached the 3 mile mark in just over 29 minutes for a sub 9 minute mile and Jo was feeling the pace now and suffered a little crossing the moor where the rough trail makes it harder to run.

Into the final section I was picking up the pace and encouraging Jo to run harder on the  downhill sections and steady on the uphill bits. We finished with a good sprint down the final hill for 37:35 for the 4.03 miles giving us an excellent 9:19 pace. A great run from Jo and proof that it is possible to run well in the heat!

Tonight at the club some of the former beginners group (Cheryl, Judith, Karen and Ian) were coming along to their first Thursday night session and Dave who helps me on a Monday came along to run with them. I gave them the choice of joining in with the out and back session that the group were doing or a steady 3 mile run. As I expected they chose the 3 mile run - which I can understand as it can be a bit intimidating to run with a fast group of runners. 

The rest of us were on a 20 minutes out and 18 minutes back run at a fast tempo. Running tonight were Andrew, Darren, Dom, Sarah, Sara, Kirsty amd Lindsey and this was my first hard session in abut 5 weeks since my injury.

We set off up a slight gradient giving us the benefit of a slight downhill coming back. I set off well with an 8:16 mile with Andrew away in front followed by Dom and then Sarah was with me and Darren not far back. I suffered a bit in the climb in the second mile as my lack of specific fitness began to tell and I clicked off an 8:28 mile.

I then maintained that pace for another 0.39 mile Sarah pulled ahead and I was then passed by Darren before turning round on 20 minutes to head back. I immediately picked up my pace and was confident I could maintain it for the return run.

The first mile back was 7:17 and I was slowly pulling Sara and Lindsey back in. I kept to 7:17 pace for the second mile and although I was passed by Sarah I caught first Lindsey and then Sara. In the final half mile or so I pulled Sarah back in and passed her with around quarter of a mile to go and was then passed by Andrew. I finished with a final 0.4 mile in 2:36 for 6:33 pace.

This gave me 20 minutes out with 2.39 miles at an average pace of 8:22. The return run was 17:10 for 2.4 miles and an average pace of 7:09. I felt shattered when I finished but I'm happy with that after doing only easy running for weeks because of my injury - and no pain from the injury and hopefully no reaction tomorrow but I do have another physio appointment tomorrow to be on the safe side.

Everyone had a great run and no problems with the heat. Now it's an easy day for me tomorrow and my rest day on Saturday.

Happy running!

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