Double day Monday

Posted on: 15 Jul 2013

Another hot day in Halifax but I've decided to have the same attitiude to running in the sun as I do to running on snow - I'm ignoring it and just running!

I set off with Joanne and Mikala on the 4 mile route and after a steady first mile I began to pick up the pace. By the two miles mark I was pulling ahead a little but the others were working hard to stay with me.

Heading back over the moor I decided I wanted to add a loop to the route but didn't want the ladies to see me detour off and feel that they had to follow. So just after the moor I put in a long burst and pulled ahead enough to be able to turn off up a steep hill and be out of site before they came along.

I was hoping to catch up but the extra quarter mile meant they got back before me as I finished the 4.28 miles in 38:42 for a 9:03 average pace.

Tonight at the club I was joined by Michelle, Mel, Judith, Cheryl, Claire, Liz, Sarah, Dave, Sarah, Steve, Abbie, Lindsey, Kirsty, Tony, Sara, Andrew and Dom. I'd set a longish loop for the newer runners of 4.45 miles which they took at a steady pace and all finished it well.

The quicker group were doing 4 x half mile reps in the business park and my splits started with 3:25 (6:52 pace) and 3:25 (6:50) - I was running with Darren who was keeping me going but on the third I dropped off hi and didn't maintain my pace running 3:34 (7:12). But then on the final one I set off with Darren and stayed with him until just before half way when I felt like I was dropping off a touch so forced myself to go to the front and keep pushing for the finish.

We both finished in 3:15 (6:27 pace) for a good final effort. SWe then ran back to the club to finish with 6.2 miles for the session.

An easy couple of days now before another double day on Thursday.

Happy running!

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