Improving running

Posted on: 16 Jul 2013

Finally I feel like my groin strain is beginning to heal and I can start pushing myself a bit.  I don't seem to have had any reaction to last nights speedwork and I worked hard at lunch today.

I set off with Torie, who was doing the 2.56 miles route as she's just getting over an operation. Mikala and Hannah were doing the 4 miles route. And Claire was alos out and planning a 3 mile run.

I ran with Torie until she headed back towards work and then eased up until Mikala and Hannah caught me and then ran with them.

Well I ran with them for a bit then put in an extra loop before getting back on route and trying to catch them. I caught them up just after the snicketts, had a quick word and carried on ahead explaining that I was going to do another loop to increase my distance.

I crossed the moor then turned up the side keeping under the trees for some shade. Then it was across and into the downhill final mile. Less than half a mile from the finish I caught the girls again and ran in with them as they finished the 4 miles in 40:12 and I did 4.53 miles in that time.

Happy running!

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