Double day before rest

Posted on: 24 Jul 2013

Well I've had a very good double day today starting with a fast tempo run with Matt at lunch.  We were running the old 4.1 miles loop that we haven't done for months and the first mile and a quarter is uphill. We set off steady as we warmed up going through the first mile in 9:15 before picking up the pace.

On the downhill section we pushed the pace along and then turned to head back towards work. On the way back Matt kept pulling a few metres clear of me but I kept working hard to keep in touch.  At the moment Matt is definitely faster than me but I gutted it out to stay close.

Matt finished the 4.1 miles in 31:24 for 7:38 pace and I was a few seconds back at 7:40 pace. It was a good run from both of us and it's been a while since we stretched out like that at lunchtime.

Tonight at short notice I'd planned an extra session from the club but unfortunately no one could make it. Instead I set off from home and despite achey legs from lunch I turned in a steady 7.5 miles.

The first two miles were hard work on tired legs and involved a long climb and splits of 9:20 and 9:20 - consistent if not fast. This took me from home up past North Chadd school to Broadway and then I headed down towards Hollinwood Ave. My splits picked up with two lots of 8:28 (more consistency), then an 8:31 to five miles just as I turned along Hollinwood.

I turned down Greengate but knew that going straight back home would be too short so half way down I turned left through the industrial estate then back onto Greengate lower down before turning left at the petrol station and up through the estate to mile seven with splits of 8:41 and 8:22.

I then turned off road to head home with a half mile in 5:06 finishing with 7.53 miles in 66:17 for an 8:49 average.

A good double day and now for two rest days before Thunder Run starts at 12 noon on Saturday and with a team of six it looks like we'll get 4-5 10k laps each over the 24 hours.

Happy running!

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