Too many people want to get some exercise, this year!

Posted on: 01 Jan 2017

I woke up late this morning - unsurprising, since I went to be much later than usual, although luckily, I didn’t have the hangover I deserved! Smile

I planned to do a session on the bike, and nip out for a half-hour run. But then Mr Flump said that he was going to nip out to the swimming pool.

“Ooooh, can I come, too?”

So, no bike, but a swim instead.

We went to the outdoor pool, in Hampton Court. But clearly, lots and lots of people have ‘Damned well get some exercise!” down as their New Year’s Resolution. The place was FULL. It is a nice, outdoor, pool, 36m long. I only managed 10 lengths, because I was so sick of swimming up people’s arses, and having too many other people around to overtake. I am a slow swimmer, but some of these guys were much, much slower. So, in an odd way, swimming up people's arses made me feel good, even though it was very irritating.

I just spent all afternoon marking yet more essays. Grumble grumble grumble. There are some parts of my job that I love. But marking isn't one of them!

Right, now I am off downstairs, to do all the exercise things off my table of New Year's Resolutions. It is a table in Excel, so I can make sure I tick them off each day, and I will see how good or bad I am being. So, i am off to be good, now.


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