Flippin'eck, running is much harder work than cycling!

Posted on: 27 Aug 2016

Yes, I went for a run. SmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile

Mr Physio said I could, a couple of weeks ago, but I haven't had any time, and I was feeling a bit grotty. But, today...

I got the exercise bike out*, and just did 10 minutes (with my proper trainers on, not the silly velcro-fastened ones that I normally use when I use that bike, as they are so easy to put on and take off). I also packed my bum-bag**, and left it by the front door. So, I pedalled for 10 minutes, then jumped off, and ran out the front door. Mr Physio said I should start with 5 minutes, total, and then increase it, slowly, as long as my hips behave. So, I just ran round the corner, for two and a half minutes, then turned round, and came back. I went a bit faster on the coming-back bit than on the going-out bit, so I just ran a few paces past our gate, then turned around, to make it a nice, tidy, 5 minutes.

Then I came in, and jumped back on the bike, again, and did another 15 minutes (so, 30 minutes in all). This is where today's blog title comes from: I tended to think of the exercise bike as being 'aerobic', but hey, I was breathing so much harder, just because of my 5 minute jog! Surprised

I say 'jog' - I have always called what I used to do, before my hip problem arrived' 'running'. But I 'run' horrifically slowly. (I only ran one marathon before I had the excuse of my 'Traumatic Brain Injury' and the problems, like 'blind'ness that it caused, and that was in the horrific time of 5h50. Embarassed And I am much slower, now. EmbarassedEmbarassed Well, when I started 'running' today, I thought "Hmm, amd I supposed to be stomping on my heels? Maybe I should be on the balls of my feet..." So, I did the rest of my short 'run' on the balls of my feet.

So, two and a half minutes, turn around, two minutes twenty back, keep going for a few more steps, turn around, and run to the front door. First 'run': Tick!

Then I did lots of stretching, and had a lovely glass of water. And now I think I will run myself a little bath.

Will my hip and thighs feel OK tomorrow? ? ? ? ?


* In case you don't know me, it is only an exercise bike, because I can't ride a proper bike. I used to, but then, in 2005, I fell off it. I spent a while in a coma, 8 months in hospital, and 16 months off work sick. I am now 'blind' (only officially - i can see well enough for most things, but certainly not well enough to drive, or to ride a bike.

** I am a real worrier, me. Whenever I leave the house, along with my key, I have to take my phone, and some ID. When I had that accident, Mr Flump only found out what had happened to me because he rang my mobile phone, and got a French paramedic (who didn't speak any English!). Nowadays, I make sure myself and the Flumpettes always have ID and a card that says "In case of emergency, please phone ...". I have not been able to convince Mr Flump to do it, but still. Anyway, I always run with a bum-bag, now.

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