I'm a bit nervous about tomorrow

Posted on: 16 Oct 2016

A few weeks ago, Mr Flump joined the gym, up by the river. It is a part of a 'leisure centre', which opened a few years ago. I often get the bus up there, on Mondays, and go for a swim. Anyway, Mr Flump decided to use their 'special offer', of 3 months for not too much. I was thinking of doing the same, but then worked out that I will probably only go onceor twice a week, as the gym at work is easy to use, at lunchtimes, and it is cheaper. However, I though it was worth forking out £35 for an 'induction', and then popping in as and when. But when I tried to sign up for that, last week, they said "Actually, on *this* offer, you get a free induction, and 3 days free." I won't be able to use any of the other days, as I will be teaching, but hey, I have tomorrow. But I am a little bit nervous about it (hence the title). What will we do? Will I be able to do it all? I know I shouldn't be nervous, but hey, I'm me, so I am a bit nervous!

Anyway, I have been fairly good this week. Well, not about writing my blog, but I have been doing exercise, honest!

I had a fairly busy week at work, plus I had to go to see the 'walking doctor', on Friday.

On Monday, I went swimming. I recently saw an article that scoffed at women who go swimming 'for exercise' but end up swimming gentle up and down, talking to their friend all the time. I promise I don't do that!

On Tuesday, I was meaning to go to the gym, and go to Pilates, but I failed to do either. Embarassed

On Wednesday, I had to stay at home with my Snufflemuncher (who is 14), as she was ill. I spent the whole day sat here at my computer, sorting everything out for the next day.

On Thursday, I had 3 hours of teaching in the morning, and I had no energy after that. I *meant* to go to Pilates that night, but again, I had no energy.

On Friday, I was going to go out in the evening, to a pub quiz (well, not in a pub, but at my daughters' school, where the PTA had a bar). I dragged the bike out and was all energetic for half an hour. Phew!

Yesterday, I was a bit useless, but then I convinced Mr Flump that he really wanted to drive up to the gym. Of course, it would have been silly for me to let him drive up there, without me getting a lift, and going swimming, wouldn't it? I was feeling a bit slack, so I only did 20 lengths, but fairly strenuous. I *must* get back to swimming lots of crawl, though.

Today, I dragged the bike out. I normally do just half-an-hour, but today, I decided I would do 45. I popped on The Big Bang, and pedalled *reasonably* hard, but not as hard as on Friday. So, 45 minutes, definitely not taking it easy.

So, not a week to be ashamed of.

And I should not be nervous about tomorrow. But I am, a bit!

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