Woo! A whole six minutes!

Posted on: 29 Aug 2016

I just did my second run. (Well, 'second' - I have run regularly since 1995, with a few breaks for babies, brain injuries, trocantheric bursectomies, general hip/bum pain... Frown ). Mr Physio told me I could start at 5 minutes, and go up by a minute, every run. I did my first (5 minutes) on Saturday, and I did my second today. Hence the title: six minutes. Surprised Smile

I have had a fairly busy day, today, and I thought I wasn't going to bother running. I just had no enthusiasm. But then, at about half-six, Mr Flump said "I'm just going out for a 40 minute run", and I thought "Well, if he can, I can, too!" So I got changed, and dragged the exercise bike out, pedalled for ten minutes, ran straight out of the front door (as I had already got my running shoes on, and had prepared my bum-bag - my bum-bag has to have my keys, my phone, and a simple card, saying who I am, and who to call, in case of accident. Remember, I have some experience of accidents, and I don't want Mr Flump to be left in the dark, again!).

I just ran for 3 minutes, then turned around, and ran back. It was quite scary, hearing my breathing. Maybe i should say wheezing. Or gasping. I am sure I never used to make such a racket, when I ran. Yes, i know I haven't been doing any running, but I have been doing a fair amount of other exercise - on the exercise bike, or going to the gym, at work, or swimming. I also walk quite long distances, quite regularly. Why am I wheezing so noisily, when I run? I never used to be like that!

Anyway, I am pleased with myself. 6 minutes is nothing to most people, but hey, it is a lot to me!

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