:-) What a good start to the week :-)

Posted on: 31 Oct 2016

It is great,  now my little Scrunchmuffin is not so little, anymore. I always used to walk her to junior school, but she has now moved up to secondary school, so she goes on her own.

I catch the bus up to the swimming pool / gym. Remember, I am 'blind' because of my accident, back in 2005. I say 'blind' in quote marks because I am definitely not blind, I just have awful eyesight (looking straight forwards, I can see nothing to the right of centre). It is a pain, I often bump into things, and I *definitely* can't drive, but hey, because I am medically 'blind', I get some Disability Living Allowance, I get a cheap TV licence, I get discounted rail fares, and I get free bus travelSmile

The morning buses up to the pool & gym are at 7:57 & 9:16. As I said, I used to walk QTKT to school, but now she goes on her own, so this morning I left early, and caught the 7:57 bus.

In the gym, I did:

20 minutes on the exercise bike. I was going to do 10, but then I thought "Well, this feels OK, and I'm in no rush...", so I did 20.

5 minutes on the Steppy-slippy-slidey thing.

10 minutes on the rowing machine

5 minutes on the running machine. Surprised Smile

A brief, gentle 'cool-down' on the exercise bike.

LOTS of exercises on the weight machines.

LOTS of stretching.



For the run bit, I was going to do 5 minutes, but I was finding it pretty hard work, so after 3 minutes, I did 30 seconds walking, then went back up for another 2 minutes. So, I ran, Smile, but it was very hard Frown. Oh, I really miss going out for runs. But my hip is just not up to it. The 'podiatrist' person gave me some new exercises, which are getting *much* easier, with repetition, and so I can now walk *much* further, without pain. Will I be able to run again, one day? Oh, I really really hope so!

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