KIrkbymoorside 10K

Posted on: 07 May 2012

I wasnt feeling too great on sunday - woke up shivery and sore throat. I didnt really feel well enough but didnt feel ill enough either so took a couple of paracetemol and worked on the basis of kill or cure.

The start to this race is all uphill. Normally I love a hill and will drive to find one to run up at a weekend. Last time I did this race I certainly was feeling strong up the hill but yesterday I felt rubbish - wheezy and hot and a bit sick; even comtemplated stopping and going home. But I manned it and by about 5K I had sorted myself out. The weather was perfect and the support was great. Bit of a wobble on a small hill at 8K but after that all down hill. At the end I seemed to be the only person running towards the finish and I could hear my 9 year old shouting 'sprint mum'. I didnt have a lot of sprint in me but I finished in 1.00:11 which isnt great but it wasnt a disgrace either.

3 minutes slower than lst time but I am happy I can easily knock off 3 if not 4 minutes over the next few weeks; maybe looking to beat my PB by the time Humber comes around.

Great race. Although I wasnt on the results this morning which was a pity as I wanted to see my position for age. I have emailed them but I dont suppose they will find me now - so much for the chip.


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