Happy New Year and back to running

Posted on: 31 Dec 2011

I have just seen that I have not posted for 4 months plus; for some reason my iphone will not do it anymore and so I end up not doing it. However if anyone else has sorted the iphone problem let me know! Failing that I will just have to see if some of you will facebook as I really miss the support.

Anyway, I have had a rubbish running year and so 2012 will be a good one I can tell. I have been hardly running at all recently but I did 4.5 miles today and tomorrow I am going to do 10K. If all goes to plan I am going to enter the St Peters School half marathon on 29 January becaues I think I can up the miles over the next 4 weeks and manage to stagger round; if I do this it will inspire me for the rest of the year. Definately fancying Forth Bridge 10K and the Alnwick Coastal run / half. So here goes....

Hope your 2012 is a good one :)

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