its nearly my birthday

Posted on: 20 Feb 2012

My birthday on friday - big one. Its been on my mind since christmas and pushing me on to get half marathon fit and half a cracking season. So by the next time I blog I will be over the hill. Chilling thought.

Anyway this weekend's run a big difference to last; not a trace of snow left just muddy in parts now particularly down at the cabbage patch. Slippy business in road shoes. My garmin has died so borrowed husband's but couldnt remember how to change to miles so was running in kms. This caused much confusion and couldnt work out my pace. Maths and running at the same time too hard. I managed to get back home at 9k so had to run up the village and back which was annoying. anyway it was a noce run and warm; had I not been too busy at home tidying and cleaning for next weekend's party I think I would have gone round again.

Been doing mostly gym work recently (body pump with occasional aerobics) and hopefully as well as making me even more lovely it will improve my overall strength and prevent injury. Looking forward to light nights so can get outside after work. About 5 weeks to go :)

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