How many marathons?

Posted on: 29 Apr 2007

That's a question I've been asked a lot this week and I didn't have an exact answer. So I've gone back to my files and found out that FLM 07 was my 16th Marathon!
As those who have read my intro will know it all started on 24th August 1981 when I ran/walked the first Pony British Marathon in Bolton. Here's a list of them all:
24/08/1981            Pony British Marathon, Bolton                5:05
18/10/1981            Manchester Charities Marathon            4:31:04
04/04/1982            Stockport Daffodil Marathon                   3:28:08
12/06/1982            Piccadilly Marathon, Manchester          2:51:04
22/08/1982            Pony British Marathon, Bolton               3:27:45
17/04/1983            Mars London Marathon                          2:50:25
29/05/1083            Piccadilly Marathon, Manchester          2:54:08
21/08/1983            Adidas Marathon, Bolton                        3:46:22
08/04/1984            Stockport Marathon                                 2:58:53
23/09/1984            Sandbach Marathon                               3:04:00
30/06/1985            Piccadilly Marathon, Manchester         DNF
27/10/1985            Windermere Marathon                           2:52:56
June 2004             Edinburgh Marathon                               4:22:00
02/05/2005            Belfast Marathon (27.2 Miles)              3:31
31/10/2006            Dublin Marathon                                     3:47
22/04/2007            Flora London Marathon                         3:57:13
I stopped running marathons in 1985 as I decided I'd been doing too many and it was starting to take its toll on my body. I continued running at shorter distances until changing jobs in 1987 and then again in 1990, this disrupted things and running went on the back burner.
When my daughter expressed an interest in running in 1992 I took her to my old Club and we both joined. I was back road running but decided to stay away from marathons and was doing OK with half marathons in 85-86 minutes. But then I damaged my Achilles and was out injured for a while, which was when I started coaching the young athletes and progressed up to a Level 3 athletics coach which I'm still doing.
Back in 2004 I was persuaded by two young ladies that I'd coached since they were 12 to train and run a marathon with them. We didn't get into London but went to Edinburgh or two of us did Jodie and I ran in June on a very hot day and a very hilly course. Since then I've done one marathon a year but might take a year off now and do some shorter races to get my times down and 10k, 10 miles and half marathon.
Sorry to waffle on now you know my running life story!

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