Last long run...

Posted on: 15 Apr 2007

Well never had 9.25 miles seemed so easy and so hard!!

The easy bit was physically it felt so comfortable running just(!) 9 miles at an easy pace - we finished in just under 9 mins a mile.

The hard bit was menatlly I felt like we should be doing more miles or at least faster pace!

Louise, Sara and I set off on a steady downhill first mile and I purposely kept the pace slow, despite Louise wanting to go quicker, in 9:37.  The route was mainly flat with just a couple of climbs. The second mile was 9:29, then the long dead straight third mile which is quite boring to do was 9:09.  The fourth mile was quicker still in 8:52 before the first climb that slowed us back to 9:15.  Then back to sub 9 min pace with 8:49 and we were on the Rochdale canal here with 8:54 for 7th mile.  The 8th mile included our last climb and we slowed to 9:22.  The last mile was planned as it's a gradual downhill where we always pick up speed at the end of runs and Lou and I went to 8:08 with Sara a few yards back before finishing the 9.25 miles in 1:23 for 8:58 pace.

A great run in glorious weather - I'm glad we chose to run at 8 in the morning and not at 12 like we usually do!!

Hope you've all enjoyed you last weeeknd before London adn I'm off to read how you're all doing!

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