Does 12.5 still count as a long run???

Posted on: 08 Apr 2007

We planned our long run today at 7:00am so we all had the rest of the day with our families.  This morning was bright and clear if a little chilly!

We set off steady but quiet as it was early and I didn't feel awake! First mile was 9:10 then the second mile was mostly downhill and relaxed off road at 8:35 then into third mile back on pavements and 8:52.  The fourth was fairly easy in 8:43 but part way into the fifth mile Louise and Sara decided to visit the toilets in a petrol station and for some reason this took 4:30!!!

I probably then went too quick to make up the time and the 6th mile was 8:14 then 8:06 for the 7th.  As a result Sara began to suffer and dropped back a bit, Lou and I steadied the pace to 8:52, 8:49 and 8:57 through 10 in 91:49 but 4:30 was spent waiting outside the toilets!  So 87:19.

Sara was OK so Lou and I picked up the pace over the last two miles which invovled an 800m climb up a quite steep hill.  We ran 8:27 for mile 11 and 8:32 for 12 and the last half in 4:20 to finish in 1:48:38 not counting the 4:30 in the toilets!

I must say that I felt really good and it was the easiest 12.5 miles I've done in a long time and I felt I could have picked the pace up at any point.  Bring on the marathon!!

Now I'm off to see how you've all done today!


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