False start

Posted on: 27 Aug 2008

I completed the first run of my new regime last night, was quite pleased with it - i haven't been running for about 3 weeks now so i was expecting to find it a lot harder than i did.

I planned to get up and go for another run this morning to make sure I stick to my new regime, but failed miserably at the getting up part! This is something i regularly struggle with - I've not been good at getting up in a morning since I was about 10. Initially I thought I was just being a "typical teenager" and was quite happy to sleep my time away, but now I find it really anoying! Anyway, I didn't think it was the end of the world - I would just go running when I got home from work.

Then disaster struck. In the space of about 3 hours whilst sat at my desk at work I went from being quite perky to being sick as a dog.  What a start! Even if I felt like I could go running tonight, I don't think I would for fear of making myself worse and prolonging my illness.

My suspicion is that I picked up the bug during my run last night - being paranoid about waking up ridiculously stiff to the point I can hardly move let alone run the next day (something I have suffered with in the past) I went for a ten minute walk (starting fast and getting slower) immediately after finishing my run. Only I didn't put any more clothes on and just went in my shorts & running vest. I was still warm enough from my run but it wasn't exactly warm, and ever so slightly damp...

I'm hoping to get back to it tomorrow - but it depends if I feel any better than death warmed up! I'll blog again tomorrow either way. I'm hoping this blog will give me the motivation to get back to it as soon as I recover and not wait another 3 weeks!

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