just back from my run

Posted on: 06 Mar 2008

so thats my first run out of the way....

i wont lie, it was tough and it hurt and i have lots to learn.

1) Firstly i went off to eager after my warm up, my pace was to fast and i suffered.

2) walk the course before hand -  I thought i knew the route but when i turned corner 3 i encountered a large hill.

3) breathing.... my legs werent hurting, it was my chest, i need to learn to time my breaths in line with my pace.

Despite this, im really really pleased. I set out planning to run/walk a minute at a time and thats what i did, sometimes longer runs, sometime longer walks, but overall a good start.....

Better still i achieved my target of two minutes straight.... that was hard. I was about half way through my run and stuck on about 1.35mins, then saw a nice piece of road ahead of me and went for it!! Thats the best feeling ever and made it all worth it... 2.19mins makes me a very happy beginner!

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