Injuries getting me down

Posted on: 13 May 2013

I’ve never been particularly athletic / fit, but since starting running in February i feel much happier in myself, and although I don’t feel particularly fit (i must be fitter than i was), i do feel healthier, more awake even. So with this in mind, all the small niggles i keep picking up, which mess with my training, are also messing with my general mood.

I never though i would be the sort of person whose mood would be affected by exercise, but the fact I’ve not been able to go out, or when i have, have had to pull up early with a niggle, is really making me miserable.

After a fantastic start to April, injury and sickness has meant the last 4 weeks have been horrid. Every time i think I’ve recovered, something else happens. 1st it was my ankle, which i have learnt to manage through strengthening and icing. Then i had food poisoning, which including recovery took my training out for the best part of the week. Then during the fantastic weather we had over a week ago, i over did it slightly in the park with my nephew which caused a slight pull in my groin. It felt better towards the end of last week, and i felt no pain during warm up, but after 2mins on the road, i could immediately feel it, and had to stop.

Again, my groin feels okay today, and i did some stretches this morning (which i will repeat before going out tonight), but i am apprehensive to go out and aggravate it further. Equally I don’t think i can stand another day let alone week without getting out there. 

waffle waffle waffle

anyway, in other news, because of the nice weather we were experiencing I was out and about in my shorts (as I am sure we all were/are), when a friend of mine remarked "your legs are looking bigger", which i think was supposed to be a complement? lol! It is interesting though, because I’ve actually found that my legs seem to get more tired now then when i started, which is a complete contradiction if i am gaining muscle mass, surely?

C'est la vie

hopefully will have more positive news to report tonight/tomorrow

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