Eurovision & Ironing (+ some running)

Posted on: 18 May 2013

As i settle in for a night of Eurovision and Ironing, i thought i would take the opportunity to update the blog. Fortunately after a month of non-stop weekends, this weekend is due to be (and has been thus far) peaceful.

It started last night (friday) with another short and slow run. I really have no idea how most of you guys run the times and distances that you do. I guess that comes with experience, training and fitness, but it seems a million miles away at the moment. 

That being said, i was as happy as i can be with last nights run. I must confess i couldnt bring myself to go for a "silent run", but i did revert back to an old playlist, which treated me well in my early runs. It helped control my pace, although it slowed me more than i had planned, which i was slightly disapointed with.

After a cold start today, this afternoon was bright, and perfect for a run. I did not go for one however did take a nice ride through the country lanes. For some reason i thought all this running would have made cycling easier, however it appears as though they are driven by completely different muscle groups... either that or my legs are completely drained!? 

As for tomorrow, i may go out for a run in the morning depending on how the mood takes me. Given that i am due to go to my parents for dinner (and wine) tomorrow, its probably best that i get a good work out in the morning.

Anyway, back to the Eurovision (and ironing)... I fancy the UK for a top 10 tonight... i expect to be proved wrong!

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