Bah Humbug!

Posted on: 10 Dec 2012

Only managed 17.3 miles yesterday before stopping and getting a lift back - I was knackered. My legs seemed fine but my energy levels were non-existent at the end. I'm seriously considering bombing out of the marathon in two weeks time, and resetting my training plan and efforts towards the VLM.

My month off with a a calf injury has taken it's toll I think. I will keep an open mind, and if I feel psychotically motivated to join the wife on the 23rd then maybe, but common sense, and my aching old geezer limbs will probably rule.

I'm disappointed but realistic, as i said on FB yesterday, it's not totally bad news, I have a place in the London Marathon in April and a base long run capability of 18 miles some 4 months before the event is very encouraging.  Ho hum.



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