More trudge, trudge, trudging along....

Posted on: 29 May 2009

Another two miles last night, then same again this evening - whew! it were hot out there int' sunshine :-)

Despite eating 'normally' for the past two or three weeks i seem to have managed to keep the weight off that i lost a few weeks ago. It was heartening to get on the scales and discover this yesterday, i was scared that I'd gone backwards! Plenty more to shed, but I know that if i keep up the 3 or 4 times a week running my weight will more or less take care of itself. Thank you Likkle Miss HatAngel for your support in this!

I'm looking forward to the British 10K in London on July 12th - all the crowds, excitement and sights of the FLM, but a few miles shorter! We've got a team running for the charity i manage so it should be good fun as well as potentially beneficial in terms of fundraising. Anyone else from here running it?

Happy running over the week-end you lot. Adios.



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