born again runner

Posted on: 04 Sep 2008

I actually got up off my phatlardyarse and went out running yesterday evening - dragged grumbling and whimpering by Mrs Pabs - and managed two miles along the towpath. I was whacked after (no, not whacked as in spanked, although I did suggest to Mrs Pabs that perhaps I deserved a paddling for my reluctance/petulance..but  NO! too much info!) and my legs are stiff this morning, but I did it - my first run since 20th May! (Walked a fair few miles in between though...)

I've discovered that walking, despite being both pleasant and rewarding, doesn't cut it when it comes to keeping my weight stable (nor does pigging out on chocolate either!). I'm BACK... a runner once more.... Saturday will see me waddling along the towpath once more... watch this space.

p.s. anyone know when the online entry decision is made re the 2009 FLM?

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