Posted on: 23 Jul 2008

...after the Trailwalker... just about anyhow.

My leg muscles and feet have been fine, but I have just felt so weary. Cream-crackered - totally. Mentally I'm still up there though, the sense of pride and satisfaction remains, as does the immense sense of relief - that it's OVER!!!!

Thanks for all the great comments and messages of support - you lot ROCK!  It's also been great to read about others being inspired by the event etc. Phil K - you can't get out of it now mate, you've commited yourself here in realbuzz land. Looking forward to seeing you en-route next year - from the comfort of a deckchair! Even Mrs Pabs has been inspired and has said she's up for The London Parks half marathon in October - she's never run more than 10k before (once!) so it would be a big step up for her. My daughter even said her experience supporting us at the week-end NEARLY inspired to her to do it next year - the inspiration has worn off already apparently! (Youngsters today? Pah! No bottle!).

My next walk? Offa's Dyke. Well, about 20 miles of it anyway. We're planning a long week-end camping in Knighton and dawdling along the trail and taking in several pubs and restaurants - a civilised way to see the countryside, no more of this mad-arse trailwalking compulsive exercise disorder malarky for me again (Yet!).


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