Here we go again...

Posted on: 12 May 2009

Morning amigos

I'm back running (and dieting!) and have entered the VLM 2010. I WILL be doing a marathon again in 2010, even if it means going abroad or, as a last resort, oop north! Wink

I'm back to running 3 or 4 times a week although 3 miles at a time is all i'm managing at the moment - but with plans to increase to a 'long run' of 4 miles in the next couple of weeks. At this tage there is no hurry, so i'm relaxed about it and concentrating on my food intake and diet. I can reccomend a good personal coach - you might know her, Mad Hat, of realbuzz fame. She has managed to use shaming and belittlement as motivational tools very effectively...

Laughing You're an Angell Hat Kiss (Rumour has it that she's having an affair with Matt Pilates, but dont tell anyone...)

I'm now off to read all the postings here and leave a few inane, banal comments for you all.....




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